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The Journal of Marketing R&D

Journal of Marketing R&D is a peer review journal that strives to publish the best manuscripts available that address research in marketing and marketing research practice. JSR&D is a scholarly and professional journal. It does not attempt to serve the generalist in marketing management, but it does strive to appeal to the professional in marketing research.

The Journal of Marketing R&D  is the official Journal of the Academy of Marketing and is a double-blind peer-reviewed periodical with a global reputation for publishing path-breaking and original contributions. it is concerned with all aspects of marketing theory and practice. The intellectual remit of the Journal includes contributions that further our knowledge of marketing management, as well as research that takes marketing management and the managerial agenda of marketing thought as an object of intellectual scrutiny in its own right. By its nature, this means that the Journal of Marketing R&D   is the preeminent outlet in marketing and consumer research that welcomes contributions from across the paradigmatic and methodological spectrum.

The Journal of Marketing R&D   explicitly desires to see all paradigmatic traditions contribute to debates on marketing theory and practice. This includes traditional, predominantly managerial contributions aligned with logical empiricist perspectives, through to interpretive and Consumer Culture Theoretic (CCT) reflections on marketing's role in providing the resources for identity building and self-affirmation, as well as the negative ramifications of consumption on individuals and communities. Studies that engage with both the light-side and dark-side of marketing and consumer practice are welcome. 

Going beyond these two research orientations, the Journal of Marketing R&D   seeks to support a number of other important paradigmatic traditions including Marxist and Neo-Marxist perspectives, postmodern interpretations of marketing and consumer practice, postcolonial understandings, macromarketing and Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) interventions, to name just a few which further marketing thought. The paradigmatic pluralism of the Journal of Marketing R&D   is underwritten by a belief that marketing scholarship must be theoretically embedded and reflexive if it is to enhance our knowledge of marketing theory and practice(s). 

Journal of Marketing R&D   seeks to meet the needs of a wide but sophisticated audience. As such, all contributions to the Journalare expected to be intellectually rigorous, well embedded in the relevant literatures, yet understandable to our wide audience. We do not wish to be overly prescriptive about the types of papers we desire to receive, yet some of the areas that are of interest can include:


  • Marketing Theory - What are the key issues and topics emerging in this domain? What contributions to marketing theory can be offered by our sister disciplines of philosophy, social theory, psychology, sociology, anthropology and other related areas?
  • The Management of Marketing - How well do our current conceptualisations of marketing reflect the reality of corporate and small business practice? Are there instances where marketing needs to be "managed" by external stakeholders such as through legislation or the activities of social movements? How should marketing respond to the challenges posed by the current climate of social criticism and demands for social responsibility?
  • Consumption and Consumer Practice - How do consumers negotiate the marketplace using the resources provided by corporations, non-profit actors and other groups? Do our current understandings and conceptualisations of the consumer adequately reflect the lived-experience of a diverse range of actors, each of whom is subject to differing "affordances" and intersectional constraints? We hear much about the light-side of the marketplace, such as the benefits that it provides, but what about the dark-side of the market and its implications for consumer health and well-being? Do reflections on the dark-side of the market provide us with a means to rethink marketing theory and practice?
  • Interconnections between Marketing and Society - How does marketing influence wider society? What are the ecological impacts of marketing practice? How can marketing be rethought to reflect the needs of a world characterised by resource limitations, population growth, and an ethical responsibility to future generations? 
  • State of the Art Papers on Particular Topics - For example, comprehensive literature reviews that indicate emerging research frontiers, empirical studies of marketing practice, CCT, TCR, Critical Marketing Studies and so forth.  
  • The Marketing of Services, Service Dominant Logic and the Labours of Marketing Actors - Increasingly, services are central to debates in marketing theory as well as important in terms of the economy. We welcome contributions that seek to advance the research agenda in this domain. Given the remit of the JMM , these can include papers that contribute to managerial practice, but equally those which highlight the potential dark-side of service practices and performances. Connected to the latter, companies of all sizes are drawing on the life-world resources of their employees including their emotional, aesthetic, and sexual labours. What are the implications of this for service delivery and the staff concerned?
  • Business-to-Business and Network Marketing - The domain of industrial and business marketing is a vibrant one, characterised by a growth utilisation of contemporary social theory, especially practice theory and Actor-Network-Theory. What are the new and emerging areas worthy of exploration in this domain? How well does the theoretical and conceptual architecture developed in America and Europe translate to other global contexts? 

Editors in Chief : 

Associates editors :

  • Dr Xiaohui Hu, East China Normal University
  • Mr.Mohamed Zied Cherif,Schlumberger
  • Mr.Samir Derbas ,Tebyan Real Estate Company
  • Mr.Mongi Djellouli, deloitte
  • Mr.Rashid Hamdaoui ,Islamic Financial Times Office Dubai
  • Mr. Asif Khan, EPIC Holding / Medrar Financial


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