Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security R&D


Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security R&D

The Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security R&D  is a scholarly peerreviewed international scientific journal published bi-monthly times in a year, focusing on theories, methods, and applications in networks and information security. It provides a challenging forum for researchers, industrial professionals, engineers, managers, and policy makers working in the field to contribute and disseminate innovative new work on networks and information security. The topics covered by this journal include, but not limited to, the following topics:

Broadband access networks
- Wireless Internet
- Software defined & ultra-wide band radio
- Bluetooth technology
- Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
- Wireless Mesh Networks
- IEEE 802.11/802.20/802.22
- Emerging wireless network security
- Fault tolerance, dependability, reliability, and localization of fault
- Network coding
- Wireless telemedicine and e-health
- Emerging issues in 3G and 4G networks
- Network architecture
- Multimedia networks
- Cognitive Radio Systems
- Cooperative wireless communications
- Management, monitoring, and diagnosis of networks
- Biologically inspired communication
- Cross-layer optimization and cross-functionality designs
- Data gathering, fusion, and dissemination
- Networks and wireless networks security issues
- Algorithm/protocol design and analysis
- Mobile environments and Applications
- Wireless communications and networks
- Software systems and communication systems
- Distributed and cooperative control systems
- Modelling, identification, analysis and control of time delay systems
- Hardware support, System architectures, Services and system support
- Networked control systems (NCS)
- Network control, e.g., admission/flow/congestion control
- Network scheduling and bandwidth allocation
- Quality of service (QoS) and quality of performance (QoP)
- Protocol-based feedback control and control-oriented communication protocols
- Design and analysis of quantisers and coder/decoders
- Control with partial/intermittent/delayed information feedback
- Computationally efficient control and communication algorithms
- Fault detection, diagnostics and prognostics
- Evolving complex network models and design algorithms
- New features and theoretic analysis of complex network systems
- Synchronisation and control of complex dynamical networks
- Emergent behaviours and patterns on complex networks
- Complex dynamic networks and multi-agent systems
- Frequency hop set design
- Point to point link topology, propagation modelling and ray tracing
- Key performance indicators, surrogates and quality of service measurement
- Traffic modeling, Routing
- Subscriber location issues
- High performance computing, Parallel processing
- Incoming and outgoing wireless links
- Efficacy of mobile communications
- Mobile communication security issues and requirements
- Interaction and integration in mobile communications
- Mobile ad hoc networking and Nomadic communication
- Wireless information assurance
- Security and communications in distributed systems
- Access control, Authentication and Authorisation
- Data integrity and Data confidentiality
- Security specification techniques in all kinds of networks
- Formal analyses and Security group communications
- Anonymity, Prevention of traffic analysis
- Secure location determination and Denial of service
- Network security performance evaluation
- Routing, Medium access control (MAC)
- Coverage, Connectivity and Longevity
- Scheduling,  Synchronisation and Network resource management
- Fault tolerance and diagnostics
- Performance analysis
- Security, privacy, and data integrity
- Network protocols




  • Dr. Mohammad Ghanbarisabagh, Faculty of Engineering, Azad University North Tehran

Associate Editor :

  • Dr. Sofien Mhatli, ENIT/EPT Tunisia/li>
  • Mr. Sushank Chaudhary , Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Mr. Laxman Tawade, VDF School of Engineering and Technology, India
  • Dr. Bechir Nsiri, ENIT Tunisia
  • Mr. Tu Nguyen Thanh, Proximus, Belgium
  • Dr Chang Kan Casper , Decision Group, Taipei 

Review Board

  • Mr. Nasreddine Mallouki, ENIT Tunisia
  • Mr. Ahmed Abd Alqahar, Mossoul University, IRAK
  • Ms. Milady Soumaya, Ooredoo 
  • Dr. Nabil Ghannay, QEAF Air academy 
  • Mr. Wissem tebaii, University of Southern California
  • Mr. Dhafer Ben Arbia, Qatar Emiri Air force
  • Mr. Kwadwo Akomea-Agyin, Ericsson
  • Mr. Abdallah Ajlani, Ericsson
  • Mr. Ammar Al-Eid, Ericsson
  • Mr. Tariq Al-Harbi,Ericsson
  • Mr. Kamel ALABANE, Ericsson
  • Mr. Marwen Bouanen, Ericsson
  • Ms. Sondes Boumallouga, Ericsson
  • Mr. Abbassi Abdallah, Orange
  • Mr. Ghidhaoui Abdelkader, Orange
  • Mr. Kays Abdellaoui, Orange
  • Ms. Nesrine Abdelmalek, Orange
  • Mr. Dhia AMARA, Orange
  • Ms. Sirine Arous, Orange
  • Mr. Yahia Ben Hassine, Orange
  • Ms. Ilhem BAHROUN, Orange
  • Mr. Imed Bouhani, Orange
  • Mr. Sami Belhadj, Orange
  • Ms.Haifa Benyoussef, Orange
  • Mr. Omar Abbad, NOKIA
  • Mr. Majdi Abdelmalak, NOKIA
  • Mr. Fehmi Abderrahim, NOKIA
  • Mr. Tarek Gara, NOKIA
  • Mr. Rhahlia Ferid, NSN Irving Texas
  • Mr. Aswami Ariffin, CyberSecurity Malaysia
  • Mr. Mike Mo, Fiber Optic Telecom/FOT
  • Ms. Arbia Charfi, Universite de Montreal
  • Mr. Emer Belhssan, Qatar Emiri Air force
  • Mr. Haythem Elarbi, QATAR Airways
  • Mr. Souheil ben Tekaya, University of Southern California


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Important Dates: Volume 1 No. 1, February 2016

Paper Submission Due: February 10, 2016
Review Notification: February 20, 2016
Publication Date: February 28, 2016 
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