Journal of Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering R&D


Journal Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering R&D

The Journal of Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering R&D is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that covers theoretical,experimental and applied aspects of the engineering design of signal and imaging systems,with emphasis on signal generation and image formation mechanisms,transmission,sensing,analysis and processing,and post-processing algorithms.It provides the interface between basic research,algorithms and techniques in signal and image processing/analysis/transmission on one side and integral systems on the other side.The journal publishes six regular issues  each year. 

Topics covered :
- Signal Systems.
- Signal Processing.
- Technologies.
- Multimedia content processing.
- Multimedia data compression.
- Multimedia systems.
- Metadata and media abstracts.
- Detectors and image formation.
- Image system design ,image instrumentation/measuring techniques.
- Engineering detection/imaging  technologies.
- Linear and nonlinear techniques processing.
- Applications.
- Genetic algorithms.
- Multidimensional signal processing.
- Image respresentation and modelling.




  • Dr. Mohammad Ghanbarisabagh, Faculty of Engineering, Azad University North Tehran

Associate Editor :

  • Dr. Sofien Mhatli, ENIT/EPT Tunisia
  • Mr. Sushank Chaudhary , Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Mr. Laxman Tawade, VDF School of Engineering and Technology, India
  • Dr. Bechir Nsiri, ENIT Tunisia
  • Mr. Tu Nguyen Thanh, Proximus, Belgium
  • Dr Chang Kan Casper , Decision Group, Taipei 


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Important Dates: Volume 2 No. 1, April 2017

Paper Submission Due: April 10, 2017
Review Notification: April 20, 2017
Publication Date: April 28, 2017

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