Journal of Optical Communications R&D


Journal of Optical Communications R&D

The journal of optical communications R&D is the journal for all scientists working in optical communications. Journal of optical communications R&D  was an international publication covering all fields of optical communications with guided waves. It is the aim of the journal to serve all scientists engaged in optical communications as a comprehensive journal tailored to their needs and as a forum for their publications. The journal focuses on the main fields in optical communications:

- Fibers: Theory of single-/ multimode step-/ graded-index fibers; theory of properties (dispersion, attenuation, etc.); manufacturing; materials; splicing and coupling; experimental results and measurements of parameters (attenuation, bandwidth, profile, mode- mixing, strength, etc.)

- Cables: Production methods; construction; measurements and results on test links; theory on influence of cabling to fibers; splicing and coupling; economic aspects; undersea-cables

- Sources: Technology of ternary and quaternary III-V compounds for LED and laser; theory; material research; measurements on behaviour and life-span; new experimental methods; coupling to fibers; new structures

- Detectors: Technology of all kind of detectors; new devices and structures; theory (especially on noise, multiplication and bandwidth); test procedures; experimental results; coupling with fibers
Measurements and standards: Problem of standards for measurements and data sheets; investigation of test procedures; system standardization of elements (i.e. dimensions)

- Systems: Theory of system configuration, modulation methods (digital, multilevel, analogue); comparison between different systems; influence of elements on system behaviour; reports on test links; system properties (theoretical/experimental); system description and measurements

- Applications: Long distance links; high-bit-rate communication; databus-systems; CATV; special applications

- Integrated optics: Theory and experiments of integrated optical wave-guides (monomode, multimode) concerning optical communications/ as couplers, distributors, exchange elements, splitters, unidirectional elements; new technologies; materials (i.e. dielectrics, semiconductors); measurement-techniques; new devices





  • Dr. Mohammad Ghanbarisabagh, Faculty of Engineering, Azad University North Tehran

Associate Editor :

  • Dr. Sofien Mhatli, ENIT/EPT Tunisia/li>
  • Mr. Sushank Chaudhary , Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Mr. Laxman Tawade, VDF School of Engineering and Technology, India
  • Dr. Bechir Nsiri, ENIT Tunisia
  • Mr. Tu Nguyen Thanh, Proximus, Belgium
  • Dr Chang Kan Casper , Decision Group, Taipei 

Review Board

  • Mr. Nasreddine Mallouki, ENIT Tunisia
  • Mr. Ahmed Abd Alqahar, Mossoul University, IRAK
  • Ms. Milady Soumaya, Ooredoo 
  • Dr. Nabil Ghannay, QEAF Air academy 
  • Mr. Wissem tebaii, University of Southern California
  • Mr. Dhafer Ben Arbia, Qatar Emiri Air force
  • Mr. Kwadwo Akomea-Agyin, Ericsson
  • Mr. Abdallah Ajlani, Ericsson
  • Mr. Ammar Al-Eid, Ericsson
  • Mr. Tariq Al-Harbi,Ericsson
  • Mr. Kamel ALABANE, Ericsson
  • Mr. Marwen Bouanen, Ericsson
  • Ms. Sondes Boumallouga, Ericsson
  • Mr. Abbassi Abdallah, Orange
  • Mr. Ghidhaoui Abdelkader, Orange
  • Mr. Kays Abdellaoui, Orange
  • Ms. Nesrine Abdelmalek, Orange
  • Mr. Dhia AMARA, Orange
  • Ms. Sirine Arous, Orange
  • Mr. Yahia Ben Hassine, Orange
  • Ms. Ilhem BAHROUN, Orange
  • Mr. Imed Bouhani, Orange
  • Mr. Sami Belhadj, Orange
  • Ms.Haifa Benyoussef, Orange
  • Mr. Omar Abbad, NOKIA
  • Mr. Majdi Abdelmalak, NOKIA
  • Mr. Fehmi Abderrahim, NOKIA
  • Mr. Tarek Gara, NOKIA
  • Mr. Rhahlia Ferid, NSN Irving Texas
  • Mr. Aswami Ariffin, CyberSecurity Malaysia
  • Mr. Mike Mo, Fiber Optic Telecom/FOT
  • Ms. Arbia Charfi, Universite de Montreal
  • Mr. Emer Belhssan, Qatar Emiri Air force
  • Mr. Haythem Elarbi, QATAR Airways
  • Mr. Souheil ben Tekaya, University of Southern California


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Important Dates: Volume 1 No. 1, February 2016

Paper Submission Due: February 10, 2016
Review Notification: February 20, 2016
Publication Date: February 28, 2016 
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