Articles must be sent in electronic format, in English to the editor. The article sent for publishing will be accompanied by a short description which must contain complete contact details (first name, last name), affiliation (Department,Faculty, University, address of university), including those necessary for technical correspondence (email). The editor and assistant editors select the materials complying with the technical editing norms. At least two members of the Editorial Board make an initial assessment of the scientific relevance of the article and nominate the reviewers to produce an informed opinion.

The peer review takes place, involving two reviewers (per article) with expertise in the specific domain that is being addressed. JSRD attempts to convey the reviewer’s comments about the manuscripts to the authors within one month. Accepted pending revision manuscripts will be re-reviewed by the Editorial Board. After the approval of the proposed article and its publishing in the Journal, the author will receive a free copy of the issue (PDF file).